Product Information - Western Red Cedar

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Western Red Cedar is perfectly suited for deck and outdoor stair and railing construction. Naturally decay-resistant, light in weight, easy to work, this handsome, durable wood complements any architectural style.

CEDAR, NATURALLY: For centuries Western Red Cedar has been the Pacific Northwest's "heritage" outdoor building material - for some very natural reasons:

  • Natural durability. Cedar's natural preservative oil eliminates the need for further chemical treatments, unless the wood is in direct contact with the ground.

  • Natural stability. Cedar resists cracking, warping, cupping and pulling loose from fasteners.

  • Natural working ease. Cedar is uncommonly light in weight, cuts cleanly and easily.

  • Natural beauty. Cedar's richness of grain, color and texture complement any architectural style.

While Cedar can be left unfinished for a rustic weathered look, the use of a quality finish can enhance both its good looks and its natural characteristics.

Red Cedar accepts a wide range of stains in your choice of tinted transparent finishes for a natural effect, or lightly pigmented semitransparent finishes. The latter are available in a spectrum of colors.

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